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Take your calculator and porch the weekly affiliate commissions earned by Novatechfx Investors and promoters and you will understand why I have strong confidence with the company.
Think about this my people
📌Everyone earns an average of 3% weekly even if you don't have anyone referred. This means even if we choose not to share Novatechfx with any one, all existing members  still get paid an average of 3%.

📌 Those building team get paid an average of 3% weekly, plus 5% check matching bonus( 5% of the direct referrals profit). Don't forget that all the indirect sponsors also earn commissions of check matching bonus  up to 9 generation. Team builders also receive residual incomes.  

📌 Everyone including non team builders have full access to their capital anytime anyday with no condition. This means you can earn 50% profit within 90 days and decide to pull both your profit and capital and no one stops you from doing so neither are you charge additional fee before you can be paid.

📌 As a team builder, even if you stay months without signing up new members, you still get paid check matching and residual income from the people you have sponsored before. This continue to happen every week without doing any works until the end of time.

To cut this story shot, having understand how difficult it is to get new sign up into Novatechfx, because  people have lost money in the past and now been so skeptical about any opportunity. Now, since there is less number of new sign up into Novatechfx compared to over 400k existing members, don't you think it will be impossible to maintain 3% weekly profit, checking matching Bonuses and all other affiliate commissions if Novatechfx is not generating any profit weekly?  

As you know, the end of ponzi usually start when the number of old investors becomes so large that new investors deposit can not be enough to pay those old investors.
We have over 400,000 members in Novatechfx today and each earn an average of 3%. So to keep paying this people,. You need at least 50k new sign up everyday to continue paying old investors.  And we have only few people joining Novatechfx on daily basis, how on earth could Novatechfx keep paying old investors if they only depend on new funds to pay old investors? Think about this.

All I am trying to point out is that No ponzi scheme can maintain such huge commissions and profits paid out to large number of investors for a very long term if they don't have profit generating system.

4-Year Member Provides Insights into History of
NovaTech and Why Its Not a Scam

Is NovaTech a Scam?

Following is an answer to a question a person asked about
a critical video of NovaTech online accusing them of being a scam.

Yes… I watched that video last week and it made me feel conflicted as well. However, I made it part of my due diligence. There are plenty of scams out there so due diligence is very important.  

And here’s what I found...

Besides the obvious misrepresentation comparing day trading to long "buy and hold" strategies, the AWS mining is devoid of certain facts. I asked folks who were higher up than me to help me understand this because among other things, they show Eddie as president and his wife as Vice President. That was concerning to me, so I did my own research into it. Here’s what I found...

1. AWS was fraudulently managed by the owners.

2. Neither Eddie or Cynthia Pettion were owners of officers of the company. The producer of the video you sent either didn’t bother to check it out himself or was careless, or worse and in the process libels and smears them without regard for the facts. First of all, the cease and desist order he showed a portion of, as proof they were scammers, did not name them. You can access in its entirety here. You will notice that the Pettions are NOT NAMED because they were not owners or officers in the company. They were just very successful affiliates who believed in the company.

3. He shows a clip of Eddie and later Cynthia with the title of President and Vice President. That concerned me so I dug into it further because I know how wicked, ruthless and careless people can be online to say and post whatever they want - without regard for the truth or due diligence. (You had some exposure to that during your time with Primerica.) Those titles were rankings, much like Amway has Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Ambassador, etc. When you achieve Ambassador ranking with Amway, you’re not really an ambassador like Nicky Haley was. It’s just a ranking. This article here was written naming all the officers and explains the ranking levels for affiliates to achieve. While not a favorable article for AWS, it was not written in any way to defend the Pettions.  It clearly shows the company structure including rankings and you will also see that the Pettions are once again, not named as officers.

4. The Petions were collateral damage to the folks at AWS and were greatly damaged by its mismanagement and mishandling of funds. A lot of people got hurt and it became the impetus for them deciding to build their own company with full transparency, and never build something for someone else who could damage their reputation.

5. NovaTech was thoroughly scrutinzed by FinCen which is a government entity with the mission of combatting financial crimes and there were no issues. They are registered with FinCen as a Monery Services Business (MSB) pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations at 31 CFR 1022.380(a)-(f), administered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). (See attachment in this email). Getting registered with them involves some serious scrutiny, which would have easily uncovered the wrong doing that the guy on that video alleges.

6. The suggestion is that they are going to disappear with the funds. Here’s the argument against that. First of all, they maintain high visibility on their website. They are not hiding behind anything. Secondly, there is between 5 - 6 hundred million in their liquidity pool. If they were going to tuck tail and leave, they could have and would have done so long before now. And you can see their weekly performance in your back office of the site. You also know the guy in charge of the training and he explains what they do. No secrets.

7. If you keep looking online like I did, you will find a number of bloggers, etc., saying it must be a scam or a ponzi scheme, etc., but so far they have 200,000 folks in the program. Everyone gets paid on Friday. They’ve never missed a payment in 40 months and I have yet to see anyone online say THEY were treated wrongly by NovaTech. I have seen plenty of folks not involved that are saying it must be a scam, but I have found no complaints online that would support this.  

With their growth, they have experienced some slowdowns on processing and their website being overloaded on Fridays and Saturdays. That’s about it.

This video answered a few things for me and I think it might be beneficial for you as well.

At any rate, you should only do what you have peace about, and if you do get started, you might do what Os did and what I did, and that was just start with $500 to test the waters.

Blessings my friend,